About Literacy Outreach

Literacy Outreach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching literacy skills to adults in Garfield County.

What we do...

We provide life-changing opportunities for adults who struggle with basic literacy skills. For many students, our program is their last opportunity to gain the ability to survive in a fast-paced and technically advanced society. By doing this, we believe we help solve social issues such as crime, poverty, poor parenting skills, and dependency. Through participation in our programs, adults become more capable, committed, and able to improve their lives. It's common for us to see tangible differences in the quality of life for our students and their families.

Our Mission

We teach essential literacy skills.

Our Values

We believe that the ability to read is an essential element of survival. Our high quality, community-based literacy programs empower adults to reach their full potential as individuals, employees, parents, citizens, and community members. We believe:

  • everyone must learn to read in order to succeed.
  • the U.S. needs a literate and educated workforce to continue to compete.
  • illiteracy accounts for many of the socio-economic issues in the world.
  • literacy can change the fate of entire communities around the globe.
  • literacy is the promise for peace and the potential for empowerment.
  • literacy is the foundation of a better world.

Our Vision

"Education is the key to unlocking solutions to all the world's problems. Reading strengthens individuals. Strong individuals make stronger communities and stronger communities make a stronger, more educated, and more peaceful world."

--- Martha Fredendall, Executive Director of Literacy Outreach

Our Community Support

"Literacy Outreach gives illiterate adults the lifelong gift of education." More than 36 million Americans are functionally illiterate, which means they cannot read or do basic math beyond a third-grade level. When adults have an inability to read and compute, it hinders them from reaching their potential as parents and citizens and prevents them from participating fully in society.

Learn more about how you can help at literacyoutreach.org.